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To Compare Other "Kombuchas" to Ciara's Kombucha Is Like
Comparing Powdered Juices to Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

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Add some flavor to your healthy regimen with artisanal kombucha from Ciara's Kombucha. We use live cultures, distilled water and all organic ingredients to make the healthiest kombucha drink possible. To enrich our products with flavors, we use a process that eliminates the possibility of contamination.


Two Cups

Kombucha is created through a fermentation process that involves both bacteria and yeast. Some worry that kombucha can promote candida. On the contrary kombucha is an enemy of candida.


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The efficacy of kombucha is strictly dependent on its production. Proper production is obviously more expensive. So, in order to make Ciara's Kombucha more affordable, we've developed a rebate program. When you follow three steps after making your purchase, you could save up to 15%.


Enhance your diet with rejuvenating kombucha tea.
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About Us

For more than five years, Ciara's Kombucha has made premium kombucha for customers. By definition, Ciara's Kombucha is an artisanal product and will remain such, as there is no other way to effectively produce kombucha and harness its living benefits. Artisanal means made by hand, with superior quality ingredients, by a skilled manual worker, a craftsperson. Dedicated to high quality and high flavor, we at Ciara's Kombucha will only produce kombucha that is of the utmost highest in quality.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and best tasting Kombucha tea drink to consumers. Each batch is individually created and we pledge not to compromise quality for quantity.

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