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We founded Ciara's Kombucha out of necessity. Ciara, the founder and president Ruth Patras' daughter, was eight weeks old when diagnosed with the progressive liver disease, Biliary Atresia. Her doctors informed her parents that Ciara would likely be in need of a liver transplant before her third birthday. Out of desperation, Ruth began giving Kombucha to Ciara at the age of nine weeks in an attempt to strengthen her immune system and aid in the success of her Kasai procedure (the removal of the atresia biliary ducts outside the liver and the attachment of the small intestine directly to the liver).

Ciara, now in her 20's, has been drinking Kombucha religiously and has, thus far, never come close to needing a transplant. For more than 10 years, Ruth Patras has helped children around the world by donating her services, speaking on the positive effects of Kombucha, and by giving Kombucha to those in need.

Because of kombucha's positive affect on Ciara's liver illness, Ruth conducted extensive research and delivered her positive findings to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland in 1999. This is the exact premium, raw product that Ciara's Kombucha offers for sale. In other words, what Ciara gets, you get!

Having sampled some of the Kombucha products that are currently on the market, Ciara, along with many other family members and friends, urged Ruth to bottle the same miracle drink that they make at home. They repeatedly expressed concern that because there "isn't a convenient, good tasting, live and authentic Kombucha product available, people won't be able to have the same great results." After 14 years of extensive research on the positive effects of Kombucha, Ruth finally fulfilled her daughter's dream.