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Drink Kombucha Tea for Health Benefits

You can improve your health by putting healthier foods and drinks into your body. Ciara's Kombucha offers artisanal kombucha tea that's a healthier alternative to most drinks. We have more than 20 years of experience with these products and have firsthand knowledge of their effects on people's bodies. With each bottle or keg of Ciara's sold, a donation is made to fund liver research.

A Sanitary Process

To aid in her liver health, Ciara, the founder's daughter, drinks the same kombucha we put in the bottles and on tap. It is prepared no differently than what the owner has made at home for so many years. We only use distilled water from a company in Pennsylvania along with live cultures, organic tea, and organic sugar in producing Ciara's. To prevent contamination, we only allow the kombucha to touch clear glass (no lead or dyes), food grade stainless steel preparation pots, and dedicated instruments (i.e. mixing spoons and pumps).

Our Pledge to You

Since the start of Ciara's, we have pledged to remain artisanal and only provide the same quality pure and raw kombucha that Ciara drinks. Because of this commitment and the strict standards we place on ourselves, there has never been a need to adjust, revamp, or alter our production practices. We stand by our promise to never let the prospect of higher profits ever cause the quality, purity, honesty, and health of our kombucha to be compromised in any way.



When all of the kombucha producers were pulled in the summer of 2010, Ciara's was allowed back on the market in only three weeks. Unquestionably, this was because of our unwavering production integrity. This incident led us to discover a way to obtain flavors by extracting it directly from the source through an alcohol process, thus eliminating guaranteed water contamination. This process doesn't harm the kombucha because the ability to grow a culture in the flavored bottles remains intact.

Each flavor provides our pure, raw, and living kombucha with a little boost of flavor. You enjoy an energetic and healthy drink that's far superior to any mass manufactured kombucha juices currently on the market. Available flavors include:

• Mango Berry
• Totally Berry
• Peach Bellini
• Daus' Ginger Obsession

• Blueberry Pomegranate
• Coconut Splash
• Lemon Zest